Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa requirements have come into force from November 4, 2011 in Canada with a sole aim to provide visa to Parents and Grand Parents of Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens under family reunification program. This new super visa scheme will offer a temporary visa valid for a period of ten years to parents and grandparents. A holder of Super Visa can stay in Canada for a maximum period of two years without renewing their visa. 

Super visa insurance is new concept that came into light along with super visa. The applicants of super visa need to obtain private Canadian health insurance termed as super visa insurance. While applying for super visa, applicants need to submit a copy of their Canadian health insurance with a minimum validity period of one year and it should cover health care, repatriation and hospitalization with minimum cover amount of $100,000. During the entire stay, the insurance must not expire and these terms and conditions are made known to every visitor of Canada by insurance companies.

Super visa insurance will feature premium amount, coverage amount, primary and secondary benefits, refund policy, etc. There are many Insurance Carriers in Canada who provide Super Visa Insurance coverage. Emergency expense benefits, fees, deductible options, policy exclusions and refund policies are some of the basis that is used to appraise policies of different companies. The policy period starts from the date of departure and in case, you have already purchased the policy and you decide not to visit Canada or visa has been denied or you go back to your home country early; partial and full refunds are available with $ 100 to @ 250 admin fee. In case of visa not issued by Canadian High Commission 100% refund is available before the start of insurance date.

Not everyone is eligible for super visa. Only the parents and grandparents of citizens and permanent residents of Canada are eligible for super visa. Apart from this, officers also consider the applicant's ties with his/her home country, the purpose of visit and his and his family's financial condition.

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