Health and Dental Plans

Health and Dental Plans

Health Benefit Plans

Manulife H & B Plan

Core Plan
Building a Flexcare plan is easy. To get started, simply choose one of the Core plans , DentalPlusTM, DrugPlusTM or ComboPlusTM, offering dental coverage, drug coverage or a combination of both.
No matter which plan you decide on, you'll also receive generous coverage for many other health-related expenses that your provincial health plan doesn't cover. Core plans include vision care, emergency medical travel coverage, extended health care such as registered specialists and therapists, accidental dental, homecare and nursing, Health Service Navigator, accidental death and dismemberment, and more.
Add Ons
Once you have chosen a Flexcare Core plan, you can customize it to your individual needs with Add-Ons that will increase your coverage in certain areas you feel are necessary. Available only with a Flexcare Core plan, these options allow you to gain additional protection for hospital accommodation or catastrophic coverage, to increase your extended health care, vision care and emergency medical travel coverage.

Flex Care
Now, custom-designing your health insurance plan is fast and easy with FlexCare®. It is a flexible and comprehensive health insurance plan. Read More...
FollowMeTM Health allows you to continue enjoying health and dental benefits even if your employment benefits end. There's no need to worry about interruption of coverage for you or your loved ones. Read More...

GMS H & B Plan

The costs of everyday life can add up quickly. Health care needs can place an additional and sometimes unexpected financial burden on your family. Make sure you're covered for everyday health needs, medical emergencies and rising drug and dental costs with supplemental health insurance.
Think of it as the peace of mind plan. Our OmniPlan® is your premier health insurance choice. Choose this plan for extensive health benefits coverage including physiotherapy, massage therapy, vision care and preferred hospital rooms – just to name a few!
Our ExtendaPlan® provides comprehensive coverage with a wide range of benefits including coverage for medical emergencies, eye exams and glasses, medical supplies & equipment and a variety of health specialists.
Our BasicPlan provides ideal coverage for unexpected emergencies including those essential health benefits not covered under your provincial health plan, such as - like ambulance services, preferred hospital rooms and in-hospital drugs.
Additional Coverage
Enhance your plan with optional coverage for Prescription Drugs, Dental Care, Hospital Cash and Travel Medical.
Basic Services
Major Services
Orthodontic Services

(for children under 18 years of age)

  • examinations and x-rays
  • cleaning and fluoride treatments
  • routine extractions and fillings
  • root canals
  • denture repair
  • periodontal treatment
  • surgical procedures performed by a dentist, including anaesthetics
  • bridges, jackets and crowns
  • full / partial dentures
  • gold inlays and onlays, including veneers
  • diagnosis and treatment for the correction of malocclusion or malposed teeth

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