To report a claim, follow these 3 general steps:
- STEP 1: In case of an emergency call 24/7 Emergency Assistance Center as soon as possible. Failure to do that can decrease your insurance benefit.
- STEP 2Report your claim within 30 days by completing a claim form.
- STEP 3Send all original bills within 90 days from the day of emergency (don't forget to make your own copies).


Emergency Assistance:1-877-878-0142 toll free Canada & USA; 519-251-5166 collect call. 
Claim Assistance: 1-877-878-0142 toll free Canada/U.S or 519-251-5166.
Mail all original documents to:
Manulife Financial Travel Insurance
c/o Active Care Management
P.O. Box 1237 Stn. A
Windsor, ON, N9A 6P8


Emergency Assistance: 1-877-882-2957 toll free Canada & USA; 519-251-7856 collect call
Claim Assistance: 1-866-228-6386 toll free Canada & USA.
Mail all original documents to:
21st Century Visitors Claims
c/o Manulife Financial 
P.O. Box 4262, Stn. A
Toronto, ON, M5W 5T4 
21st Century Claim Form PDF
VRR-1307 Visitor Refund Request Form
VRC-1302 Visitor Rate Card
V06-1302 Visitor Policy Wording
MP Auth Form-1307 MP Auth Form-1307
VMD-1302 Visitor Medical Declaration
VCF-1302 Current Visitor Claim Form - Manulife Policies

TuGo (former Travel Underwriters)

Emergency Assistance: 1-800-663-0399 toll free Canada & USA; 604-278-4108 collect call.
001-800-514-9976 toll free from Mexico; 800-663-00399 toll free worldwide.
Claim Assistance: 1-800-663-0399 toll free Canada & USA; 604-278-4108 collect call.
Mail all original documents to:
Claims at TuGo
10th Floor, 6081 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC Canada V6Y 2B2 

Allianz Global Assistance (former TIC)

Emergency Assistance: 1-800-995-1662 toll free Canada & USA; 416-340-0049 collect call
800-842-08420 or 00-800-842-08420 Toll Free Worldwide.
Claim Assistance: 1-800-869-6747 toll free or 416-340-8809 collect call.
Mail all original documents to:
Allianz Global Assistance Claims Department 
2100-250 Yonge Street 
Toronto ON, Canada M5B 2L7
TIC Visitors Claim Form PDF
TIC International Student CLAIM FORM PDF


Emergency Assistance: 1-800-336-9224toll free Canada & USA; 819-566-8698Collect Call.
Claim Assistance: 1-800-336-9224 toll free Canada & USA;819-566-8698 collect call. 
Mail all original documents to:
Global Excel Management Inc.
73 Queen Street 
Sherbrooke, Quebec 
J1M 0C9
RSA Visitors Claim Form PDF 
RSA Students Claim Form PDF


Emergency Assistance: 1-800-361-6068 toll free Canada & USA; 514-286-8411 collect call.
Claim Assistance: 1-800-387-2538 for Quebec; 1-800-557-3907 for Ontario and Atlantic region.
Individual Life Change Form
Beneficiary Designation
Individual Death Claim Form


Emergency Assistance: 1-866-878-0192 toll free Canada & USA; 416-646-3723 collect call.
To report a claim or to request a claim form call: 1-866-878-0191
Mail all original documents to:
Travel Guard
Attn: Claims Department
145 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON, M5J 1H8


Emergency Assistance: 1-800-459-6604 toll free Canada & USA;  905-726-5196 collect call. 
Claim Assistance:1-800-459-6604 toll free Canada/U.S or 905-726-5196 collect call.
Mail all original documents to:
Group Medical Services
150 Commerce Valley Drive W. 9th floor
Thornhill, ON, L3T 7Z3

GMS Claim Form PDF
Health Benefits Claim Form
Hospital Cash Claim Form
Travel Emergency Medical Claim Form

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