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It's very important to consider insurance cover for your travelling plan, because your provincial health plan covers a fraction of healthcare expenses incurred outside Canada and limits coverage when travelling to another province. Yet illness and accidents are just a few of the all-too-common incidents that could leave you facing significant out-of-pocket expenses when travelling.

Everyone dreams of vacation free time and wonderful travelling time and fond memories of those days. But it is very important

If you're planning on travelling out of the province or out of the country, CoverMe Travel Insurance for Travelling Canadians gives you a simple, affordable way to protect against the cost of unexpected emergency medical expenses and more that may happen during your trip.

Your provincial health plan only covers a fraction of healthcare expenses incurred outside Canada 

Cover Me travel medical insurance covers up to $5 million per person. Your finances will be safeguarded in the event of an unforeseen unexpected medical emergency during your trip. To increase your financial protection, coverage is also available for non-medical expenses like trip cancellation/interruption and baggage loss.

Canadians are always known for their travelling habits. They love to travel to new and adventurous places where they can find something all new never seen before. Canada also features some of the most visited tourist's places like Montmorency Falls Park, Kananaskis Valley of Adventure, Teepee Village etc.

Canadians always seek for new places to travel. So whether it is US, Europe or Asia, Canadians love to spend a part of their income on travelling. Travelling agencies also feature Canadians in the list of regular customers. 

But as we all now, there is always some sort of risk of accident attached with travelling. So that's why, travelling agencies has started to offer travel insurance as part of their list of services offered to customers.

You can browse also over internet for various travel insurance policies offered by various insurance companies. Appraise them on the basis of emergency room coverage, hospital stays and accident coverage and chose the one which sounds you most beneficial.

Travel insurance will provide you cover for expenses incurred in case of any accident occurred during a specific travel. While making a travel insurance contract with the agency, make sure to be co-operative with them and disclose all facts that might affect your insurance policy. Make sure that you read all the terms and conditions and guidelines given in the booklet before finalizing your insurance contract. Below are some guidelines for making travel insurance contract:

Contact the Authorized Personnel As Soon As Possible: In case of emergency service, remember to contact the service centre authorized to pass and manage all the things related to refund of claim. Service centre has been given the role to manage and look after the medical care given to you and expenses incurred thereon. They make the completion of claim process much faster. Service center provide you with on site doctors, administrators and other medical services necessary for the medical treatment of the applicant in case of any accident.

Provide full co-operation to insurance agencies. Disclose all the material information necessary for the claiming refund. Maintain a record of all the conversations with service center and insurance companies along with the date of conversations.

For claiming re-imbursement of all the medical expenses incurred by you, get and keep all the receipts of medical expenses in tact. They act as an important evidence of your expenses for medical treatment. They are the proof of your tests, treatments and proscriptions.

Make a request to insurance company for refund of insurance policy in a proper written application and attach the bills of medical expenses incurred by you. Remember to mention policy number, date of birth and other relevant information necessary to claim refund.


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